Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Questions

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Q: What is the difference between the solid colored epoxy and the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy?

A: Our Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Coatings consist of our super crystal clear high performance 100% solids, two-component epoxy. It is a specially formulated epoxy with our added proprietary blend pearlescent metallic pigment. It is available in 20 stunning metallic colors, but you can mix colors together to create a custom look all your own. This coating does not require a primer coat; however, we highly recommend applying our basecoat primer to enhance the metallic effect even further. The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has unique and subtle shape shifting effects that sparkle throughout. If you prefer a matte finish, you can also create that look by using our High Performance High Wear Urethane. No two floors will ever look alike. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your very own.

Q: What are the benefits to applying a basecoat primer prior to applying Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy?

A: Applying a basecoat primer serves multiple purposes. For starters, it hides any repair work done to the surface, such as the patching of imperfections as well as hiding any variances in the color of the concrete surface. The basecoat enhances the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy even further, giving it a more multi-dimensional look. Applying a basecoat also provides a strong vapor barrier between the concrete surface and the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy, lessening the appearance of fish eyes due to outgassing air bubbles that are created by trapped air in the concrete substrate's open pores. It is a must for wood flooring because wood is more porous and requires two coats. In the event that you have imperfections in your basecoat after it dries, such as outgassing air bubbles or debris, we recommend sanding the areas down with 100 grit sanding pads prior to applying the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy.

Q: Is the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy applied differently than the solid colored epoxy?

A: There are a few differences between the two applications. It is packaged the same way as our solid colored epoxy, with exception of the pearl pigment powder packaged separately until you are ready to do the application. You simply pour the pearlescent metallic pigment powder into the Part B hardener of the kit, pre-mix it into the hardener thoroughly for a couple of minutes and then proceed to add the Part B hardener to the Part A resin and mix together thoroughly for two minutes. Our Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy is applied at a rate of 80 square feet per gallon versus 160 square feet per gallon of our solid colored epoxy. Applying the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy at this thickness will allow it to move around during the drying process. The actual application is exactly the same except for one extra step. After spreading it with a squeegee, you will then back roll it with a roller cover. As you are back rolling it you can take your roller cover and create “S” shapes in the coating. This roller movement will allow the Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy to move around. The result will speak for itself when you have an amazing multi-dimensional floor.

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