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Car Condos: The Latest Trend in Garage Renovations

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If you're a car enthusiast, you've probably heard of a new trend known as car condos. Although they are most famous due to some of the bigger, more elaborate versions that car collectors have built, they are a great project for anyone who loves home improvement. Even if your house is relatively small, you can still create a car condo that each of your friends will envy.


EpoxyMaster DIY Epoxy Floor Paint Products Featured In RPM Magazine


RPM'S continuing do-it-yourself shop series shows how you can put together your own modern workplace, too!

By Toby Brooks

PART 3: Our floor goes from shame to shine with an EpoxyMaster floor coating

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Last month we showed you how we finished up initial construction on our all-new Nucor Building Systems 30x50-foot utility building. With 11.5-foot sidewalls and a sturdy 2x6-inch steel stud construction, our multi-purpose shop space was ready for some amenities, including a durable high-tech floor coating, a full complement of wiring, outlets, switches, and lighting, and a new 4-post lift. Needless to say it has been an ambitious month around the Hardcore Horsepower Garage, but we’re thrilled to say we got it all done and have already started enjoying the new functionality.


EpoxyMaster DIY Epoxy Floor Paint Kit Featured on Gadgets4Guys Website

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EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor DIY Kits

Written By Brian Fujere

Gadgets4Guys would like to apologize to all of our readers. We have been neglecting a certain group of gadgets for the past few months and that would be our DIY gadgets. In all honesty, we probably would have never even realized that our DIY section needed some water if we hadn’t received our annual list of spring projects from our wives letting us know all the stuff that needed to be done. There are two areas that typically serve as a safe haven to men everywhere which can either be the basement or the garage. We’ve figured out the reason these two areas are typically “our” areas is because they aren’t pretty and finished. We are fine with that fact but what if you could do a quick weekend project and actually turn your garage into something that all of your buddies will be envious of.

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