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Epoxy floor paint makes it easy to personalize and protect virtually any surface, and this versatility encourages creativity. Don't be afraid to get creative with a design that will make your space stand out. The distinctive black-and-white checkerboard floor is one famous example of an eye-catching epoxy paint design, but it's just one of many possibilities. 

Repeating a Symmetrical Pattern

Your options for floor paint designs are virtually infinite, but sometimes a simple repeating pattern is the most effective way to improve your space. Checkerboard floors are associated with diners, kitchens and garages. These high-traffic spaces see plenty of spills and foot traffic and epoxy floor paint makes maintenance easy while giving the floor more character and dimension.

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However, you may want something more sophisticated. The only difference between a plain checkerboard floor and a repeating swirl of overlapping circles is the size and shape of each individual section of color. Some patterns are more complex than others, but uniform repetition is the most important element. You can create your own floor pattern with any combination of solid colors and you may even add decorative fleck, swirling effects or playful graphics.  

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You'll just need a few essential tools to make sure the pattern is symmetrical and uniform. Invest in a heavy-duty painting tape to keep each color separate and to prevent bleeding. Also use measuring tape to take precise measurements throughout the process. You'll start with a coat of floor paint that covers the entire surface. Next, use tape to protect the sections that will remain that color. You may tape down identical copies of a pre-measured template, such as a rectangle or half-circle, or use the tape itself to create stripes and protect the borders of larger sections. 

{gallery}EpoxyMaster Colors Photo Gallery{/gallery}


EM 3 Gallon Full Kit

Enhancing an Outdoor Floor 

Epoxy patterns are also perfect for patios, pool decks, and other outdoor floors that are usually paved with porous stones, wood beams or tiles. Epoxy allows you to simulate the appearance of these surfaces without laying individual pieces or to enhance and protect their appearance with a natural design. Non-slip, water-based sealers and acid stains ensure that your floor will still weather the elements and resist wear and tear, and they also add an eye-catching finish that enhances the colors of your epoxy floor paint. 

{gallery}Sealers Photo Gallery{/gallery}

If you want your outdoor floor to maintain a natural appearance that complements its surroundings, you actually have more creative freedom. Marble, stone, wood, and other natural materials are full of "imperfections" and unique textures that don't keep repeating. Take advantage of this by combining different colors or decorative fleck, and by using different techniques to spread the paint throughout the surface. For example, if you tape a stone or concrete surface into multiple rectangular sections, you don't have to worry about creating the exact same marbling effect in each section.


How to Create Designs With Epoxy Floor Paint Photo Gallery

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    Designing Your Own She-Shed Designing Your Own She-Shed
      For decades, men have had their caves. Now women are fighting back with their she-sheds, the perfect feminine getaway! All you need is an unused garden or storage shed, or if you don't have one that's unused, you can get a kit and build one just for your purposes. If you've always dreamed of having a place that's all…


    Every she-shed needs a purpose. Think about what yours is going to be. Do you want your own personal gardening retreat? A "craft shack" where you can keep all your crafting supplies organized and have room to work on your projects? Or perhaps just a cozy little tea house where you can go to read and relax? Decide first what the purpose of your she-shed is going to be and then decorate it accordingly.

    {gallery}She-Shed Photo Gallery 1{/gallery}


    Painting the exterior is the first and best way to give your storage shed a she-worthy makeover. Search for pictures online to give you ideas. Pastel colors, Victorian paint schemes and the country cottage look are all popular themes. In addition, you can use picket fences, trellises, and other embellishments to achieve your desired look. Put some time and planning into this step, as this is your chance to make your she-shed look as inviting as possible.

    {gallery}She-Shed Photo Gallery 2{/gallery}


    The flooring you choose in your she-shed is important, as it will need to look nice and suit your decor, all while withstanding the wear and tear of regular use. If you are going to use the shed for gardening or crafting, the flooring is especially important. Choose a flooring type that won't be susceptible to moisture and the elements, while also being affordable. For instance, a durable epoxy floor paint such as EpoxyMaster Floor Coatings will create a lasting finish that will protect the shed's flooring and be easy to clean, but that you can also dress up as you like with a couple of throw rugs. Visit to find out more about how this durable flooring can help turn your dream of the perfect she-shed into reality.

    {gallery}EpoxyMaster Color Charts Photo Gallery{/gallery}


    EM 3 Gallon Full Kit


    Once you've painted the outside, you can start thinking about how you're going to decorate inside. Decorating your she-shed doesn't require a big budget. Thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores are all great sources of inexpensive decor to create your perfect retreat. Also, don't forget to look around your house for unused or seldom used items that could be relocated to your she-shed. There's also not much space, so filling it won't be an expensive endeavor.

    Plan to spend some time hunting for the perfect furniture and decor to fill your space: Since you don't have much space to work with, every item, whether it be furniture or decor, will need to be carefully chosen. Look for unique ways you can use items, such as turning a ladder into shelving or hanging painted pegboard on the walls for storing craft supplies.

    Project: Haven

    Much like the purpose a man-cave serves for men, your she-shed should be a haven, a place you can go to pursue your hobbies or just to relax. Above all, though, it's your haven, which means that everything from paint to decor should suit what you want out of your new retreat. Life has a way of filling your house with stuff for everyone and everything else: husband, kids, work and entertaining. Grab a brush and reclaim a little real estate just for yourself!


    Designing Your Own She-Shed Photo Gallery

    {gallery}She-Shed Photo Gallery 3{/gallery}

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      Don't Be Embarrassed by Your Patio This Grilling Season! Don't Be Embarrassed by Your Patio This Grilling Season!
      Summer is here and people across the country are getting outdoors, firing up the barbecue and celebrating the warm weather with friends and family. If you are putting off throwing your own party because your patio isn't up to snuff, there is a quick and easy solution that can have your patio looking better than ever. With the epoxy floor…

      Why Choose the EpoxyMaster System?

      While there are other concrete coating products available on the market, this unique product forms a protective surface that is actually stronger than the concrete itself. This means that you get to enjoy an ultra strong and durable surface that can stand up to a summer full of outdoor gatherings and extreme weather conditions. Applying the special epoxy formula will prevent you from having to invest in more expensive and labor intensive concrete repair and replacement projects that could put your patio out of commission for weeks at a time.

      How Does it Work?

      Without getting too scientific, unlike other epoxies that are water or solvent-based, this product is made of 100% solids resin materials that can be easily applied to your concrete surfaces. It utilizes two separate components that work in perfect harmony to create a solid, glossy surface that only increases the durability of your concrete patio. You never have to worry about changing weather conditions causing shrinkage and undermining the protective qualities of your coating.  

       {gallery}EpoxyMaster Application Steps Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                                                EM Dry Film Thickness Chart                             EM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart

      DIY Application

      Perhaps one of the best aspects of this product is that you can easily apply it yourself and save thousands on the cost of labor, which means more money to put towards your summer gatherings. If you opt to apply the epoxy yourself, you will receive a complete kit that includes all the tools and materials you will need to coat your patio. You will also get an Instructional DVD that will walk you through the entire process so that you can tackle your DIY project with confidence.


      EM 3 Gallon Full Kit

      Once you have cleaned and prepared your patio surface and applied the epoxy, it will be cured and ready in less than 24 hours. You can start enjoying your newly refurbished patio in no time at all. This innovative, durable and cost effective option will last for many years so that you don't have to worry about re-applying every year. 

      Decorative Options

      Really want to take your patio to the next level? Check out the EpoxyMaster Metallic Pearl effect options that come in a wide range of custom colors. This decorative touch will make your plain concrete patio look like a million bucks. You can also choose decorative fleck and non-slip additives that will protect your guests from slipping on wet concrete after a rainstorm. These additional decorative options add to both the practical and aesthetic benefits of applying the EpoxyMaster products to your patio.

      {gallery}Metallic Pearl Effect Grill Photo Gallery{/gallery}

      Custom Decorative Fleck - Create your own pattern!Aluminum Oxide - Non-Slip Additive

      Prolong the life of your patio and create a safe and inviting outdoor space for your guests when you apply the EpoxyMaster system. A two-part compound combines to provide a super durable surface that will last for many years to come and requires very little maintenance. In just one day, the epoxy can be applied and fully cured so that you are ready to host your next party full of family, friends and great food straight from the grill. Don't miss out on another Saturday full of fun because you are too embarrassed of your patio. Get the EpoxyMaster system and start enjoying the summer. 


      Don't Be Embarrassed by Your Patio This Grilling Season! Photo Gallery

      {gallery}Grill Patio Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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        Need to Protect Your Floors? Choosing the Right Epoxy Coating Need to Protect Your Floors? Choosing the Right Epoxy Coating
        When you need to protect your basement, garage, or commercial concrete floor from undue wear and tear, an epoxy coating is often the best solution. Epoxy coatings will give your floor a higher caliber of durability, which will extend its lifespan by 5 to 10 years or even longer. In the meantime, your epoxy coated concrete will be better resistant to scratching,…

        Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Projects

        Laying down an epoxy floor coating will require some basic tools, such as a roller with an extension handle, safety glasses and gloves, but there is no expensive equipment needed for the installation process. Application directions must be followed meticulously to ensure optimal results, but anyone with a little remodeling experience and a willingness to learn new things can certainly succeed at an epoxy DIY project. Choosing the best brand of epoxy will be the single most important factor in determining how well your do-it-yourself efforts pay off.

        EM 3 Gallon Full Kit

        EpoxyMaster Floor Coating Products

        EpoxyMaster is one of the most elite brands of epoxy floor coatings on the market today. Its popularity stems from three main factors: a wide selection of epoxy colors, uncompromising quality on every product and reasonable prices that most of us can afford.

        {gallery}EpoxyMaster Colors Photo Gallery{/gallery}

        EpoxyMaster's vast array of epoxy floor coating products comes in a high-grade patented formulation so you can get all the protection you need without paying any more than necessary. Their epoxy comes in over 40 different custom colors and with a choice of an optional gloss or matte finish protective urethane top coat. Also included in their product list are special-purpose epoxies and additives, such as the following:

        Basecoat primers, which hide imperfections in the floor and act as a vapor barrier that minimizes air bubbles 2-Gallon Basecoat Epoxy for Metallic Pearl Effect

        Metallic Pearl Effect epoxies, which utilize EpoxyMaster's proprietary "pearlescent" metallic pigmentation to achieve a glossy, shape-shifting appearance that gets even more amazing when exposed to lighting.

        {gallery}Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Photo Gallery{/gallery}

        High Wear Urethane top coat, which produces a protective matte finish instead of a glossy appearance

        {gallery}HWU Urethane Photo Gallery{/gallery}

        Decorative fleck, which is matched with epoxy coatings of complementary colors to ensure an attractive final look Custom Decorative Fleck - Create your own pattern!

        Non-slip aluminum oxide, which is ideal for extra anti-slip protection on a floor, or any portion of a floor, that is frequently subjected to rain and snow Aluminum Oxide - Non-Slip Additive

        Benefits of Using EpoxyMaster Products

        While the details of EpoxyMaster's floor coating products obviously vary, there are some overall benefits that apply to all or most of their offerings. Some of the most important features that make their epoxy coatings superior to the competition include the following:

        High resistance to dirt, dust, grime, debris, many harsh chemicals and extreme temperature fluctuations

        Resin-based, 100% solids, two-component epoxies that deliver an exceptionally attractive shine

        Epoxies and accessories that cover up floor imperfections and properly seal porous concrete surfaces

        Compatibility of most of their epoxies with wood and metal as well as concrete. You can even coat your countertops with their Countertop Epoxy kit products.

        {gallery}Countertop Epoxy Photo Gallery{/gallery}

        Coatings that last longer than most other brands and are also significantly easier to maintain. A a mop and mild dish soap is normally all you will need to keep the epoxy coating in top condition.

        Other factors, like the ability to order customized colors or purchase epoxy with included tool kits also add to EpoxyMaster's appeal. Anyone looking for a superior company to provide them with all the items necessary for a DIY floor coating project should not overlook this excellent epoxy coating option.


        Need to Protect Your Floors? Choosing the Right Epoxy Coating Photo Gallery

        {gallery}Need to Protect Your Floors Photo Gallery{/gallery}


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          Creating Your Own Man Cave? Don't Forget the Floor! Creating Your Own Man Cave? Don't Forget the Floor!
          Whether you call it a man cave or a "gentleman's cellar," having private space is essential for self-expression and can be beneficial for relationships. Everyone needs a place that serves as a personal retreat, an area designed around the things that bring them happiness and help them unwind and recharge. For men, that space is the man cave. While focusing…

          Low maintenance flooring

          When a man cave exists in a basement, garage, or shed space that has an untreated cement floor, you have several flooring options, but the best and most durable choice is epoxy floor coatings from EpoxyMaster. Untreated cement slabs can crack, stain easily, absorb odors and be challenging to clean. By protecting and improving the floor with an epoxy floor coating, the man cave becomes livable and easy to clean. Any spills wipe up easily as they're not absorbed in the flooring and this prevents tracking motor oil and other liquids into the home. If there's a need for a softer floor covering in certain areas of the man cave, washable area rugs provide warmth, sound insulation and design accents. However, with an epoxy floor coating’s variety of finishes, textures, and colors, tailoring a man cave to your personal design style is easy.

          {gallery}Man Cave Images Set 1 Photo Gallery{/gallery}

          The importance of personal space

          Whether your man cave is a space for listening to music, working on motorcycles and/or cars, watching action movies, playing computer games or enjoying sports games, it serves a vital function for your emotional needs as a guy. As an architectural equivalent to hanging out with your guy friends, the man cave helps you regulate your emotions and "just be a guy." Spending time in the room is the ideal way to release stress and balance your emotional well-being so you're the best husband/father/boyfriend you can be. Personal space is extremely important and you need to remember that your mate deserves their own space too.

          {gallery}Man Cave Images Set 2 Photo Gallery{/gallery}

          Multifunction flooring

          Epoxy floor coatings are an ideal flooring choice in any man cave location. For a man cave in a garage where working on cars, motorcycles, four-wheelers or bicycles are the main focus, epoxy floor coatings are more than just a functional, slip-proof, easy to clean surface - they're an expression of style. The range of colors for epoxy floor coatings allows you to coordinate the floor with your hot rod or motorcycle or to add a touch of bold depth to your personal workspace. In a basement man cave that features a wet bar, steam saunas, workout equipment or all of the above, epoxy floor coatings provide ideal slip and moisture resistant flooring in a color that can either subtly blend in or add strength to the space. Incorporating epoxy flooring with the EpoxyMaster Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy takes any man cave to the next level and is certain to make your friends envious.

          {gallery}EpoxyMaster Colors Photo Gallery{/gallery}

          Suitable for any theme

          Not all man caves are spaces for working on vehicles, watching TV or playing billiards, sometimes man caves are more refined and serve as gentlemen cellars with a library, comfortable places to sit and a corner to play some acoustic guitar. Epoxy floor coatings enhance all kinds of personal space themes and are a low-maintenance, easily installed alternative to carpeting, tile or hardwood.

          {gallery}Man Cave Images Set 3 Photo Gallery{/gallery}


          Win a chance to take your man cave to the next level by submitting your picture of your completed epoxy flooring application project to EpoxyMaster for their free product giveaway contest!

          em superhero email V3 Contest


          Creating Your Own Man Cave? Don't Forget the Floor! Photo Gallery

          {gallery}Man Cave Images Full Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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            Protecting Your Garage Floor from the Elements Protecting Your Garage Floor from the Elements
            Your garage floor takes a beating on a daily basis. Fortunately, if you are a DIY enthusiast who loves to take on home projects, an epoxy floor coating can be easily applied in order to protect your garage floor from the elements and normal wear and tear. Concrete floors have a tendency to absorb stains and retain moisture. A stylish coat…

            Epoxy Vs. Paint

            A lot of people simply paint their concrete floors in order to keep them looking good. However, changing weather conditions can cause paint to easily peel off. All it takes is one spring storm to add enough moisture to weaken the bond between the paint and your floor. Once you add a wet vehicle to the mix, your floor paint job will be completely ruined. Epoxy can be applied just as easily as paint, yet it will form a stronger bond and a more protective coating, creating a long-term solution that will prevent stains. 

            Disadvantages of Water-Based Products

            Water Based Epoxy Sample

            Modern epoxy floor coating products contain 100% solids. This means that they haven't been diluted with water, which offers a few advantages:

            1. Water-based coatings, such as paint, will shrink as the weather changes. This can cause unsightly cracks and chips in the surface. Because epoxy floor coatings are made from solids, they form a hard surface that won't be affected by shrinkage.

            2. Industrial 100% solids resin also helps the epoxy adhere to your concrete floor more effectively and create a stronger bond that won't chip.

            3. As the two-part epoxy dries and bonds together, a coating forms a bond that is stronger than concrete. You can feel confident that your garage floor will be able to withstand all sorts of daily abuse and still look like new.

            EM Dry Film Thickness Chart                    EM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart

            Environmentally Friendly

            Epoxy floor coating materials come with extremely low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C) ratings, which means that they do not emit any harmful odors. You can safely apply epoxy indoors, even in areas that may not have the best ventilation.

            EpoxyMaster Green Label Large Version

            Quick Cure Formula

            Your epoxy floor coating has been designed to cure over a period of 12 to 16 hours. The materials will gradually seep into the concrete and form an impenetrable and impervious barrier that is fully dried and ready to use just one day after application. In just a short time, you can enjoy a lasting solution that will protect your concrete floors for years to come.

            Stylish Options

            Not only do epoxy floor coating products come in a variety of colors, but you can also choose from among different finishes to create a distinct look. Even your garage floor deserves some attention and a stylish touch. With modern materials, the design options are almost limitless.

            {gallery}Stylish Photo Gallery{/gallery}

            Applying the single coat system is easy enough that even a DIY novice can handle covering their garage floor. With a little know-how, you can protect your floor and simply pay for materials without having to worry about the cost of labor. Any weekend warrior can transform their floor in just a matter of hours and provide unbeatable protection.

            {gallery}DIY Photo Gallery{/gallery}

            EM 3 Gallon Full Kit

            Sealing your concrete garage floor has never been easier or more affordable. Don't settle for temporary solutions, such as paint and water-based coatings, that will simply peel and deteriorate over time. Invest in a long-lasting solution that can resist stains and handle anything Mother Nature throws at it. Apply the epoxy sealant yourself and save even more!


            Protecting Your Garage Floor from the Elements Photo Gallery

            {gallery}Protecting Your Garage Floor from the Elements Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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              How to Pick the Right Epoxy Color For Your Garage or Basement How to Pick the Right Epoxy Color For Your Garage or Basement
              When you want to go beyond the basic cement floor in your basement or garage, consider the durability, versatility and beauty of epoxy for your basement or garage floor paint. Epoxy floor paint adds a decorative dimension to your cement surface along with protecting it from wear, stains, and damage. Used in a garage, EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor coating prevents the…

              Take Pride in Your Garage

              You take pride in your vehicles so extend that same pride to where you store them by utilizing the benefits of a garage floor paint. Consider untreated cement garage surfaces as the base and not the final surface of your garage and improve upon them with EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor coating. Untreated cement floors aren't impervious to contaminants such as motor oil and other automotive liquids and they act like a sponge for moisture and outgassing. Without an easy to clean epoxy paint application, you're constantly tracking fluids into the house, damaging floors, carpets and creating a health hazard. When considering aesthetic appearances, having the most beautiful car in the world loses its luster when you park it on a cracked, stained and dingy floor.

              {gallery}Garage Pride Photo Gallery{/gallery}

              Finding the Right Garage Floor Paint Color

              Whether you want to match your car or coordinate with the decor of your garage, EpoxyMaster's variety of garage floor paint color options can satisfy your needs. It's important to note that certain darker paint colors are more prone to showing dirt and dust and may require more frequent cleaning. With how easy it is to clean garage floor paint though, this shouldn't deter you from choosing bold colors like Black, Dark Gray or Hunter Green. You can create an even more dynamic look by applying EpoxyMaster's Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy that reflects and amplifies the beauty of your vehicles. Once you have the color down, it's time to improve the rest of the garage and your space will soon be the envy of the neighborhood.

              {gallery}Garage Floors Extended Photo Gallery{/gallery}

              Basement Makeover

              EpoxyMaster's colors are great for your basement floor paint as well as for garage floor paint. Basements are prone to moisture so epoxy paint is a sensible alternative to more absorbent materials like carpeting. If you're worried about the floors being too cold, it's easy to place washable area rugs for softness, warmth and sound dampening. Applying epoxy floor paint is a great first step in a basement makeover or an ideal replacement when previous flooring suffers damage from water or other causes. Epoxy will also make the basement floor radon-proof.

              {gallery}Basements Photo Gallery{/gallery}

              Picking The Right Color For Your Basement Floor

              Transforming all or some of the basement into a child's play area, entertainment room, spare room, or living area utilizes the space far better than leaving it a cold "dungeon" for storage. There's an art to creating a living space in the basement and color plays into that by adding character, warmth, visual interest and depth. Remember that certain colors look different in various lighting conditions so take into account the type of light available in your basement. Use cool colors like Blues and Greens for a calming effect or warm colors such as Red or Orange for vibrant energy. For a truly unique basement floor look, select a Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy that will wow everyone who sees it while possessing a lifetime of durability.

              {gallery}Basement Makeover Photo Gallery{/gallery}

              Discover how EpoxyMaster’s epoxy colors for basement and garage floor paint can improve and protect your cement surfaces by contacting one of our experienced professionals today. 


              How to Pick the Right Epoxy Color For Your Garage or Basement Photo Gallery

              {gallery}How to Pick the Right Epoxy Color For Your Garage or Basement Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                Differentiating Epoxy Coating From Other Floor Coatings: What You Need to Know Differentiating Epoxy Coating From Other Floor Coatings: What You Need to Know
                Epoxy coating with resin-based epoxy is the best covering for garage and basement floors to repel water, oil and other harmful substances. The epoxy creates an impervious barrier so water and oil cannot penetrate the epoxy resin coating.  

                Garage Floors

                {gallery}Garage Floors Photo Gallery{/gallery} 

                This is the flooring in your home that suffers the worst abuse. You do not think about how you are treating a garage floor when you park your car or wheel in a boat on a trailer. The boat may still have water draining from it onto the floor.

                Cement garage floors can crack, allowing water to permeate. This can eventually erode the concrete substrate and cause problems with the home's support structure. Cracks should be filled and the area completely repainted with an epoxy coating that contains resin.

                Stains are difficult to clean off of a water-based epoxy floor. Paint can come off under the pressure of hot tires. Water-based products do not resist chemicals in addition to oil.


                {gallery}Basements Photo Gallery{/gallery} 

                Basement floors crack after years of use and the substrate can also erode. This is often the case when the basement has experienced water damage from leaks and flooding.

                Basement floors should be painted with an impervious epoxy coating that resists water and other liquids. 

                Advantages of resin-based epoxy


                EM Dry Film Thickness Chart       EM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart 

                A 100% resin-based epoxy coating will adhere to the floor. It is impervious to water, oil and other chemicals. 

                Other advantages include:

                • Does not hold dirt and grime
                • Will repel liquids such as juice, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
                • Resistant to salt and abrasive materials
                • Epoxy resin is self-leveling for cracks and repairs
                • Radon cannot come through the epoxy

                There is no product shrinkage due to evaporation with a resin-based epoxy. It is easy to apply without leaving roller marks and it can last up to 20 years with average use.

                The impervious resin surface is easy to clean or wash. It seals cracks and it will not allow water into the substrate. It is five times thicker than water-based paint and can be non-slip, although it has a high gloss. The glossy floor actually reflects light for a brighter garage or room surface.

                EpoxyMaster's epoxy resin floor paint can be applied to wood and metal floors and other surfaces for the same benefits. The EpoxyMaster epoxy resin floor covering is good for commercial buildings, including garages and storage facilities. It can also be used safely to protect countertops.

                EpoxyMaster's resin based products are used in educational facilities and other industries where clean counters and floors are necessary. This includes commercial kitchens and bathrooms.

                EM EDUCATIONAL BANNER V2


                See the complete line of colors with the EpoxyMaster Epoxy Floor Coating Kit. Metallic Pearl Effect colors are also available to add beauty to any room. This is an easy product to install if you like to do it yourself.

                {gallery}EpoxyMaster Colors Photo Gallery{/gallery}


                Floor preparation is easy using the EpoxyMaster floor preparation and cleaning solution. A special floor Crack Patch kit is also available from EpoxyMaster for damaged and spawled areas.

                                                                            EM PS001 Image                                            Crack Patch Installation Picture




                Use the complete EpoxyMaster Floor Coating Kit for a perfect floor in less than one hour.


                 EM 3 Gallon Full Kit


                Differentiating Epoxy Coating From Other Floor Coatings: What You Need to Know Photo Gallery

                {gallery}Differentiating Epoxy Coating Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                  Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy: Take Your Flooring to the Next Level Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy: Take Your Flooring to the Next Level
                  Homeowners seeking phenomenal looks and enduring longevity in flooring options can now achieve incredible results using Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy. The ultimate in concrete floor sealers, it's user-friendly, easy to apply, and is now available from EpoxyMaster. Floors sealed with Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy are stunning and durable.  

                  Metallic Pearl Effect

                  Available in 20 show-stopping colors, Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy contains an added proprietary pearlescent metallic pigment which creates swirling, sparkling, liquid-like patterns that tease the eyes, appearing to move subtly. Some effects imitate the movement of smoke, mimic wood grains, or have ghostly, watery qualities. Colors can be combined to produce custom hues, and the creative possibilities are endless.     

                  {gallery}Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Color Chart Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                  Why You Want Epoxy

                  Unprotected concrete floors are subject to the damaging effects of moisture, from chemicals, liquids, and water. Water that seeps into the pores of concrete can cause a host of problems, including hazardous molds and mildews. Epoxy seals concrete the best because it fills these pores, creating a solid, impermeable, durable coating, unlike water-based solvents which tend to shrink and leave these flaws unprotected. EpoxyMaster epoxy is chemical and stain resistant, easy to maintain, and seals completely, resulting in a great looking and longer lasting floor.

                  {gallery}Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                  Applying Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy

                  Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy is applied the same way as all EpoxyMaster epoxies. The only difference is the addition of the metallic pearl pigment powder, which is packaged separately, so it may be added when ready. However, it is strongly suggested that a basecoat primer be applied first, as it serves multiple purposes. The most important of these may be the fact that a basecoat enhances the depth and dimensionality along with filling in most imperfections. You will then use a roller cover to "back roll" the Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy. As you are back rolling it you can take your roller cover and create “S” shapes in the coating. This roller movement will encourage it to spread out and move around, creating amazing patterns that will fire the imagination.

                  {gallery}Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Prep Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                  The design possibilities are limitless; Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy can also be applied to wood floors, as well, making it versatile enough for any room in the house. EpoxyMaster provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, though the application process is relatively simple--which is basically mix part A with part B. Once mixed, there is roughly 45 minutes of working time. It dries in about 12 to 16 hours. Anyone can use it to add durability and pizzazz to any floor, like garages, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. Use Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy to create decadent floors that will arouse the awe and envy of all who behold your masterpieces.


                  Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy: Take Your Flooring to the Next Level Photo Gallery

                  {gallery}Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Full Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                    Garage Floor Paint Does Not Have To Peel Garage Floor Paint Does Not Have To Peel
                    Your garage floor receives a lot of traffic, which makes it extremely susceptible to damage. Concrete floors are especially prone to stains, cracks and other forms of damage because of its porous nature; oil stains from vehicles, cracks caused by a settling foundation, water damage from leaks and the use of corrosive materials all contribute to an unattractive (and sometimes dangerous) garage…

                    One common remedy for an unattractive garage floor is to have it resurfaced and painted. Though the process will result in a more attractive garage floor, if you use a water-based epoxy, the results will be only temporary. Hot tires will pull the paint off, water will corrode the surface, further settling will cause the paint to crack.

                    To get lasting results, EpoxyMaster recommends their resin-based epoxy; durable enough to withstand even the toughest elements and attractive enough to take your breath away. 

                    Here are a few good reasons to choose EpoxyMaster's epoxy floor coating for your garage floor.

                    Epoxy is more durable

                    Designed to withstand excessive weight, heat and corrosive materials, EpoxyMaster's epoxy-based floor paint is far more durable when compared to many "off-the-shelf" floor paints. Boasting a 100% solid-based resin, there is no need to worry about shrinkage or loss of integrity over the years. It's 12-hour curing process helps ensure complete adhesion with a final product that will be both durable and attractive for many years to come.


                    EM Dry Film Thickness ChartEM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart


                    Epoxy is more attractive

                    Finding the right surface color for your garage floor is easy at EpoxyMaster. Choose from one of their 20 standard colors or customize your color choice based on your favorite sports team or car color. You can also add decorative fleck chips or a metallic pearl coating with a simple one-step application process using a complementary color of your choice. An optional high-gloss or matte-finish protective urethane will complete the look of your newly transformed garage floor.

                    {gallery}EpoxyMaster Color Charts Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                    Epoxy is safer for your family

                    EpoxyMaster's epoxy garage floor paint and coating is slip-resistant, which will make entering and exiting your garage safer for the whole family. And, because their 100% solids-based resin coating is impermeable, oil and water spills can be cleaned up quickly and thoroughly, thus improving your family's safety. Concrete dust will no longer be a problem due to the epoxy creating an impervious barrier over the concrete substrate.

                    EpoxyMaster Green Label Large Version

                    Even the application process is safe, because their epoxy contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Even though you'll want to apply your epoxy coating with the door opened, there is no reason to concern yourself with poor indoor air quality as a result of using EpoxyMaster's product.

                    Epoxy improves energy efficiency

                    With the high-gloss topcoat, an EpoxyMaster garage floor coating will also increase lighting in your garage and improve visibility. The coating will also reduce temperature absorption, thus reducing cooling costs during the summer months and heating costs during the winter.

                    Epoxy floor paint is easy to apply

                    No need to hire a professional to resurface your garage floor. Everything you'll need to create an attractive, durable garage floor is available through their store. From cleaning and repair products to epoxy, acid stains and sealants, EpoxyMaster offers only the best DIY products for your garage floor.

                    Your garage floor paint never needs to peel again. With a 100% resin-based epoxy floor paint, your garage floor will be both more attractive and more durable for many years to come. 

                    If you'd like to learn more about epoxy floor coatings, contact EpoxyMaster today! Please don't forget to sign up for their VIP Member Program where you can learn about their latest products and upcoming promotions straight to your inbox.

                    Don't Wait ! Register Today ! 


                    Garage Floor Paint Does Not Have To Peal Photo Gallery

                    {gallery}EpoxyMaster Color Charts Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                      How to Measure a Garage for Epoxy Floor Paint How to Measure a Garage for Epoxy Floor Paint
                      Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects should be one of the most rewarding aspects of home ownership. Even relatively simple jobs can add immeasurably to your property’s value, and to your enjoyment of it. Applying a coat or two of epoxy garage floor paint makes a massive, positive difference and the work should take no more than a weekend to complete.

                      With the right information and epoxy supplier to back you up, the process of applying epoxy garage floor paint is neither challenging nor time-consuming. Here's a look at how to calculate the volume of raw materials you'll need, along with some information on how many coats your project will require and how to do the basic preparations to start your next DIY project.

                      Getting the Groundwork Out of the Way

                      Correctly estimating the amount of epoxy garage floor paint required is dependent upon three factors:

                      1. Square footage: Confirm the size of your garage by measuring it across its widest and broadest points; simply counting the vehicular doors may not be an accurate guide. If your garage has alcoves or other nooks, simply measure each area separately, then total the individual dimensions together. As an example, if the main area of your garage measures 20 feet by 12 feet and you have an attached cubbyhole for storing muddy clothes or bicycles that is 10 feet by 5 feet. The main area would total 240 square feet and the cubbyhole another 50. You would need materials equal to a 290 square foot garage (see below).

                      2. Porosity of the substrate (the floor you're coating): Porosity is typically determined by whether or not the substrate, more than likely concrete for a garage floor, had a previous coat of sealer, paint or epoxy.

                      {gallery}Porosity Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                      3. Pre-existing condition: The presence of cracks, divots, pin-holes, saw cuts and other imperfections determines whether one or two coats will be required. A single coat fills 85% of defects in a garage floor that’s seen typical levels of wear and tear.

                      Please note: It is recommended to patch repair any hairline and damage cracks in your floor prior to applying the epoxy for the best overall look. Repair products, such as a Crack Patch Kit and Master Fill tubes can be purchased and if you would like to fill in expansion joints for a seamless look, this can be accomplished by using a Flexible Joint Sealer product.

                      There’s No Secret Formula to Measuring Floors

                      Once you have your total square-footage, representing the main garage along with any recessed areas or nooks, converting that measurement into an order couldn’t be more simple. Use the following as a guide and feel free to contact EpoxyMaster with any further questions:

                      Typical one-car garage: Usually comprising 200-350 square feet, a single three-gallon kit should allow you some extra material for filling deeper or larger blemishes or uneven areas.Typical two-car garage: Typically between 400 and 550 square feet, we recommend one (1) three-gallon kit and an additional 1.5-gallon kit. Use the smaller unit to trim in hard-to-reach areas, then mix and apply the larger kit over the main area. This method usually results in a thicker, stronger finish than using a three-gallon kit alone.

                      Typical three-car garage: Measuring 600 to 800 square feet, two (2) three-gallon kits will be required. If the garage has a relatively new, smooth and flaw-free floor, two (2) kits can cover 900 square feet. For older or worn substrates, we recommend the purchase of an additional 1.5-gallon kit.

                      {gallery}Garage Floor Measurement Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                      Double Coatings Equal Double the Strength

                      A single coat of EpoxyMaster epoxy garage floor paint is sufficient to fill 85% of the divots and pin-holes in a garage floor that’s seen typical levels of wear and tear. In cases where residential or commercial floors are extremely worn, or where a more lustrous and shiny finish is required, we recommend the application of two full coats. 

                      Please note: Before applying the first coat of epoxy, add 15 to 20 ounces of acetone to every 2 gallons of Part A (epoxy resin). Acetone evaporates, but has the effect of making the resin less viscous and easier to work with.

                      Once the Part B activator has been added, the mix is applied with a squeegee, but not rolled. This process allows the product to fill all pre-existing defects in the substrate. The second coating is then applied normally - first with a squeegee, then finished by rolling - as soon as the primer coat is dry. Under normal conditions, this is typically some 12 to 18 hours later, thus it’s usually possible to finish the project in two days. 

                      In any application, the use of two coats leads to several benefits, including:

                      A more uniform finish

                      Greater obscuring of pre-existing imperfections

                      The doubled thickness means twice the strength, thus twice the longevity

                      If you determine your project would benefit from an additional coat, simply double the quantity of kits ordered.


                      Preparation Is Key !

                      To ensure maximum adhesion, it is imperative that any previous coatings be abraded. Aside from allowing for the best levels of product attachment, the preparation process also creates an improved profile (level of smoothness), removing ridges and other imperfections that might otherwise inhibit proper bonding.

                      The process of preparing concrete substrates, regardless of whether they have a pre-existing coating or not, has three preparation options:

                      1. Use an upright orbital sander fitted with a diamond grinding head and a vacuum: This is the best form of preparation and will remove a thin layer of laitance (thin layer of concrete), along with any previous coating or sealer. These tools are available from most specialty tool rental locations, from the tool rental departments of home improvement stores and from contractor stores serving the painting and coating trades.

                      2. Fitting an orbital upright sander with 60 grit sanding screens/discs, then sanding the concrete floor.

                      DIAMABRUSH IMAGE

                      {gallery}Diamond Grinder Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                      3. Use a Floor Prep and Cleaning Solution to clean and etch the concrete surface.

                      {gallery}Prep Solution Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                      A more detailed guide to preparation is available here.


                      Customer Service Should Be Your # 1 Priority !

                      Our epoxy do-it-yourself products can also be used for numerous other applications, including countertops and basement floors. The large assortment of colors offered has been important to our becoming one of the top sellers in the epoxy coatings industry, a position we can only maintain by ensuring every customer is a satisfied customer. 

                      We recognize that you may have other questions concerning epoxy garage floor paint, and we aim to provide additional articles and blog posts that answer most DIYer questions before they’re even asked! If we missed something, feel free to suggest any topic you discover by submitting our short online form called "Ask EpoxyMaster". We'll make sure to answer your questions right away!

                      For further information on product selection, installation and the process of calculating your requirements for a DIY project, you can easily reach us by sending us a message below or call us Toll-Free at 1-888 EPOXY-KIT (1-888-376-9954).

                      If you would like to register for the EpoxyMaster SIDEKICK VIP Program, you too can be one our many successful DIYers and enjoy the many benefits that come with being a SIDEKICK VIP Member. You will get access to our periodic newsletter, discount on select products, and if you complete your project and send us a picture with you in it, we will feature your project on our website and share it with other DIYers. All you have to do to register is complete the simple three-step form on the right and you're in.

                      Don't Wait ! Register Today ! 


                      How To Measure A Garage Floor Epoxy Floor Paint Photo Gallery

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