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Don't Be Embarrassed by Your Patio This Grilling Season! Featured

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  • 06 Jul

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Summer is here and people across the country are getting outdoors, firing up the barbecue and celebrating the warm weather with friends and family. If you are putting off throwing your own party because your patio isn't up to snuff, there is a quick and easy solution that can have your patio looking better than ever. With the epoxy floor coatings from EpoxyMaster, you can restore your patio in the course of one weekend and ensure that it holds up for many summers to come.

Why Choose the EpoxyMaster System?

While there are other concrete coating products available on the market, this unique product forms a protective surface that is actually stronger than the concrete itself. This means that you get to enjoy an ultra strong and durable surface that can stand up to a summer full of outdoor gatherings and extreme weather conditions. Applying the special epoxy formula will prevent you from having to invest in more expensive and labor intensive concrete repair and replacement projects that could put your patio out of commission for weeks at a time.

How Does it Work?

Without getting too scientific, unlike other epoxies that are water or solvent-based, this product is made of 100% solids resin materials that can be easily applied to your concrete surfaces. It utilizes two separate components that work in perfect harmony to create a solid, glossy surface that only increases the durability of your concrete patio. You never have to worry about changing weather conditions causing shrinkage and undermining the protective qualities of your coating.  


                                          EM Dry Film Thickness Chart                             EM Dry 20 Year Durability Chart

DIY Application

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this product is that you can easily apply it yourself and save thousands on the cost of labor, which means more money to put towards your summer gatherings. If you opt to apply the epoxy yourself, you will receive a complete kit that includes all the tools and materials you will need to coat your patio. You will also get an Instructional DVD that will walk you through the entire process so that you can tackle your DIY project with confidence.


EM 3 Gallon Full Kit

Once you have cleaned and prepared your patio surface and applied the epoxy, it will be cured and ready in less than 24 hours. You can start enjoying your newly refurbished patio in no time at all. This innovative, durable and cost effective option will last for many years so that you don't have to worry about re-applying every year. 

Decorative Options

Really want to take your patio to the next level? Check out the EpoxyMaster Metallic Pearl effect options that come in a wide range of custom colors. This decorative touch will make your plain concrete patio look like a million bucks. You can also choose decorative fleck and non-slip additives that will protect your guests from slipping on wet concrete after a rainstorm. These additional decorative options add to both the practical and aesthetic benefits of applying the EpoxyMaster products to your patio.

Custom Decorative Fleck - Create your own pattern!Aluminum Oxide - Non-Slip Additive

Prolong the life of your patio and create a safe and inviting outdoor space for your guests when you apply the EpoxyMaster system. A two-part compound combines to provide a super durable surface that will last for many years to come and requires very little maintenance. In just one day, the epoxy can be applied and fully cured so that you are ready to host your next party full of family, friends and great food straight from the grill. Don't miss out on another Saturday full of fun because you are too embarrassed of your patio. Get the EpoxyMaster system and start enjoying the summer. 


Don't Be Embarrassed by Your Patio This Grilling Season! Photo Gallery

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