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Need to Protect Your Floors? Choosing the Right Epoxy Coating Featured

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  • 24 Jun

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When you need to protect your basement, garage, or commercial concrete floor from undue wear and tear, an epoxy coating is often the best solution. Epoxy coatings will give your floor a higher caliber of durability, which will extend its lifespan by 5 to 10 years or even longer. In the meantime, your epoxy coated concrete will be better resistant to scratching, cracking and staining. While any epoxy coating will improve your floor and make it more practical for high-traffic usage, taking the time to carefully select a top-quality product will substantially enhance the benefits you receive.

Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Projects

Laying down an epoxy floor coating will require some basic tools, such as a roller with an extension handle, safety glasses and gloves, but there is no expensive equipment needed for the installation process. Application directions must be followed meticulously to ensure optimal results, but anyone with a little remodeling experience and a willingness to learn new things can certainly succeed at an epoxy DIY project. Choosing the best brand of epoxy will be the single most important factor in determining how well your do-it-yourself efforts pay off.

EM 3 Gallon Full Kit

EpoxyMaster Floor Coating Products

EpoxyMaster is one of the most elite brands of epoxy floor coatings on the market today. Its popularity stems from three main factors: a wide selection of epoxy colors, uncompromising quality on every product and reasonable prices that most of us can afford.

EpoxyMaster's vast array of epoxy floor coating products comes in a high-grade patented formulation so you can get all the protection you need without paying any more than necessary. Their epoxy comes in over 40 different custom colors and with a choice of an optional gloss or matte finish protective urethane top coat. Also included in their product list are special-purpose epoxies and additives, such as the following:

Basecoat primers, which hide imperfections in the floor and act as a vapor barrier that minimizes air bubbles 2-Gallon Basecoat Epoxy for Metallic Pearl Effect

Metallic Pearl Effect epoxies, which utilize EpoxyMaster's proprietary "pearlescent" metallic pigmentation to achieve a glossy, shape-shifting appearance that gets even more amazing when exposed to lighting.

High Wear Urethane top coat, which produces a protective matte finish instead of a glossy appearance

Decorative fleck, which is matched with epoxy coatings of complementary colors to ensure an attractive final look Custom Decorative Fleck - Create your own pattern!

Non-slip aluminum oxide, which is ideal for extra anti-slip protection on a floor, or any portion of a floor, that is frequently subjected to rain and snow Aluminum Oxide - Non-Slip Additive

Benefits of Using EpoxyMaster Products

While the details of EpoxyMaster's floor coating products obviously vary, there are some overall benefits that apply to all or most of their offerings. Some of the most important features that make their epoxy coatings superior to the competition include the following:

High resistance to dirt, dust, grime, debris, many harsh chemicals and extreme temperature fluctuations

Resin-based, 100% solids, two-component epoxies that deliver an exceptionally attractive shine

Epoxies and accessories that cover up floor imperfections and properly seal porous concrete surfaces

Compatibility of most of their epoxies with wood and metal as well as concrete. You can even coat your countertops with their Countertop Epoxy kit products.

Coatings that last longer than most other brands and are also significantly easier to maintain. A a mop and mild dish soap is normally all you will need to keep the epoxy coating in top condition.

Other factors, like the ability to order customized colors or purchase epoxy with included tool kits also add to EpoxyMaster's appeal. Anyone looking for a superior company to provide them with all the items necessary for a DIY floor coating project should not overlook this excellent epoxy coating option.


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