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Finished Epoxy Garage Floor! Featured

Frank DeSantis Epoxy Project Intro Image

We bought the 3-Gallon Epoxy Kit - Dark Gray , EPOXYARMOR High Gloss Clear Top Coat and Decorative Fleck. It is amazing! I have only had it for two months so far, but have had countless compliments! You can just tell it is quality. I have a new build, so preparation was easy but still important.

I acid etched it, waited a day, and then the wife and I tackled the epoxy for a 2.5 car garage. I recommend 2 people since 30 minutes goes fast! She did the trim work and I poured a small stream to make rows throughout the garage and it was a perfect amount! Use a squeegee! It takes a day to dry. We then coated it with the EPOXYARMOR High Gloss Clear Top Coat. My only regret is not adding the non-slip to make it less slippery, but it looks like a showroom floor and so easy to clean! I couldn't be happier. Now, I would love to stain the back patio with some of their other products!

Frank DeSantis

Dark Gray color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat


Frank DeSantis Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

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