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  Hey guys. I needed an opportunity to brag to someone about the results! The garage is part of our new home we purchased in August and the garage floor just didn't look like a nice garage should. That has all changed now! Our family and friends are so impressed they are considering doing the same thing.

They are hesitant to walk on my floor as they are sure the epoxy is still wet. Not so, just a beautiful gloss! I even included some pictures of me doing selfies and with my daughters help, pictures to add character!!!!

Thanks for convincing me to go with EpoxyMaster!

Curtis Warrick

Dark Gray Color

Curtis Warrick's Garage Floor Project Photo Gallery

 {gallery}Curtis Warrick Garage Floor Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}
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    Travis Drouin's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project Travis Drouin's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project
      Hello team EpoxyMaster. I just wanted to say thank you!  We're absolutely thrilled with our new basement floor!!  I've attached some pictures for those who might like to see the outcome.   

    My installer has not worked with your product before, and he too was thoroughly impressed with the quality of your product, saying to me more than once that he's never worked with such high quality epoxy before.  He was quick to take down your website URL and other information for future projects.

    All my best,
    Travis Drouin

    80% Silver White 20% Platinum over a French Gray Basecoat


    Travis Drouin's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

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      Tadd McMichael's Epoxy & Urethane Project Tadd McMichael's Epoxy & Urethane Project
      Hello EpoxyMaster staff! I have just finished my 576 square foot garage flooring project here in Michigan and I must say it went extremely well. I would like to thank you for all of your assistance in the preparation and application of my epoxy and urethane.

      I decided to go with a Dark Gray color with the EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat for added protection. The application went very smoothly and the results speak for itself. I have included a set of photos of my completed garage floor for all your future customers to see. Once again thank you for answering all of my questions and having the very best customer service around. I know I will be enjoying my floor for many years to come.

      Tadd McMichael

      Dark Gray Color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat


      Tadd McMichael's Epoxy & Urethane Project Photo Gallery

      {gallery}Tadd McMichael Epoxy Urethane Project Photo Gallery{/gallery} 

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        Epoxy Projects By Johnathan Lewis Epoxy Projects By Johnathan Lewis
          Hello Team EpoxyMaster! Below are the last couple epoxy projects I have done using EpoxyMaster. I absolutely love the product.

        The quality of your products and the technical support you provide is fantastic and look forward to continue using your products as I have more projects to do. Thank you again for providing excellent customer service.

        Johnathan Lewis - Dark Gray Color


        Epoxy Projects By Johnathan Lewis Photo Gallery

        {gallery}Epoxy Projects By Johnathan Lewis Photo Gallery{/gallery} 

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          Gregory Black's EpoxyMaster Project Gregory Black's EpoxyMaster Project
          We did a great deal of research on products and companies before choosing EpoxyMaster for our garage floor. The primary reason for our decision to go with EpoxyMaster was the positive customer support reviews versus the negatives for the competition. We did test each out with "i need advice" phone calls before purchasing. Let me just say the negative reviews…

          Turns out we couldn't be more satisfied with the service, enthusiasm, encouragement, expertise and helpfulness from the EpoxyMaster staff. Super fast delivery was incredibly appreciated, too!

          We went with the Dark Gray base with equal amounts of black, charcoal, granite decorative flakes, plus a tiny bit of white. After 14 hours we added a single overcoat of urethane for added protection. My wife and I did the floor prep (DIAMABRUSH machines from Home Depot), and the application in one weekend as advertised. We could not be more pleased with how beautiful it came out. It has been about a month now and so far no issues whatsoever. We did let it sit for a full week by the way before driving on it although the urethane called for 3 days.

          Thank you for always answering our calls and questions so quickly and providing the excellent support that you did regardless of the time or day. You're awesome. I really appreciate you not making me feel like an idiot with my questions you've no doubt heard a hundred times.

          Short story...We highly recommend EpoxyMaster and their products.

          Gregory Black

          Dark Gray Color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat

          Gregory Black Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

          {gallery}Gregory Black Epoxy Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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            Brian Honan's Epoxy & HWU Urethane Project Brian Honan's Epoxy & HWU Urethane Project
            Hi EpoxyMaster! I finished the second application of epoxy and the matte satin finish High Performance High Wear Urethane. I appreciate the phone calls I had with you regarding my floor. The floor looks amazing!

            You should insist people use the spiked shoes when putting down the epoxy. Using them on the second coat, made all the difference for me. Consider adding them to the installation kit.

            Also the High Performance High Wear Urethane is very expensive and worth every cent! Excellent.

            Thank you!   

            Brian Honan

            Tan Color with High Performance High Wear Urethane


            Brian Honan Epoxy HWU Urethane Project Photo Gallery

            {gallery}Brian Honan Epoxy HWU Urethane Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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              William Wesley's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project William Wesley's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project
              Hi guys. I wanted to send you a few pictures of my project. I used your product on my family room floor and into a laundry and bathroom. The Metallic Pearl Effect is really nice and the stuff went on smoothly. 

              I did have a couple of spots where I might have gotten small bits of dirt in the epoxy, but I can live with it. Now that I have done this project I feel like I could do even better next time knowing what I have learned with this application. Thanks for all the help and tips when I called.


              Bill Wesley

              50% Golden Orange 50% Bronze mix over a French Gray Basecoat


              William Wesley's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

              {gallery}William Wesley Epoxy Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                Steve Howard's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project Steve Howard's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project
                  Hello Team EpoxyMaster! I do appologize for not sending these photos of my project sooner, but here's a few. The floor turned out absolutely fantastic.

                I own a tattoo parlor in California and I wanted to really make it standout when customers entered. We started by machining the entire surface and filling in all the expansion joints with your Flexible Joint Sealer. For the color we chose a Black Basecoat with the Platinum Metallic Pearl Effect epoxy over it. The pictures speak for themselves.

                Thanks again. Your product is amazing.

                Steve Howard

                Platinum over a Black Basecoat

                Steve Howard's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

                {gallery}Steve Howard Epoxy Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                  Our New Shop Floor with EpoxyMaster Our New Shop Floor with EpoxyMaster
                  Hey guys, just wanted to send a couple pics of our finished floor and let you know that your product and kit worked great. We are very pleased with the outcome.

                  Unfortunately we had to work around our mills as it would have been too costly in time and money to move them.


                  David Gilbert
                  Light Gray Color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat


                  David Gilbert Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

                  {gallery}David Gilbert Epoxy Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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           (David Gilbert) Customer Testimonials Thu, 02 Apr 2015 22:27:00 -0400
                    Our Experience With EpoxyMaster Our Experience With EpoxyMaster
                    Thank you taking the time to answer all my questions on the EpoxyMaster floor coating. My wife and I followed your instructions and watched your video. It seemed simple, so we thought we give it a try. The first day was the hardest removing all my items from the garage. Wow, we did not think I had so much stuff.…

                    The next day the floor was dry and ready for the epoxy application. It honestly was as simple to do as your video explains. If two retired people can do it, anyone can. My wife and I are so proud of the work we did in such a short time. Everything is clean, organized and is like a showroom.

                    Our neighbors even asked what company we used. I have shared my pics to my friends and they too will be purchasing EpoxyMaster.

                    Thank you for a great product.

                    Joyce and Mike Nuzzolese
                    Tan Color

                    Mike Nuzzolese Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

                    {gallery}Mike Nuzzolese Epoxy Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}


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                      The Deanes' Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project The Deanes' Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project
                      Team EpoxyMaster - wanted to say up front THANKS!!!  We put down 1200 square feet of the Metallic Pearl Effect in a Bronze CaffĂ© mix over a Beige Basecoat and it turned out AWESOME!  I've attached some pictures...I only have one "before" picture, sorry I got ahead of myself. There are plenty of after pictures. I've installed the baseboards and…

                      1. Prep

                      I tried the diamond blades buffer thingy from Lowe's and it barely made a didn't even take off the spray paint on the floor (drywall folks marked locations with spray paint). So I took it back and got the more aggressive version...that also barely made a scratch. Apparently the concrete floor was polished. So I made a third trip to Home Depot and rented the 10" grinder...that did the trick. I highly recommend using the fine dust bag for the shop vac while grinding (and wear a respirator and ear plugs)...with a pair of BOSE noise canceling headphones I was jamming out to Mariah Carey and grinding concrete. Painfully slow but very effective. We conducted several rounds of sweeping and shop vaccing the floor. Yes, eventually you will get everything off the floor.

                      {gallery}The Deanes Prep Photo Gallery{/gallery}

                      2. Seam Sealer

                      Holy frustrating batman!!! So apparently some seams can be 2 stinking inches deep. We mixed up small batches of the EpoxyMaster Flexible Joint Sealer and put it down, letting it seep into the seam, mixed another batch, and repeated several times. After a few hours they were filled up, we used a putty knife to smooth over the top. No drama.

                      3. Basecoat

                      Very simple instructions written on top of the containers. Mixed the first batch. So the first pour was a disaster!!! I was so anxious about dumping it all out in 60 seconds that I dumped it all out in about 10 seconds in the first room (the first batch should have covered two rooms). So now it's time for some serious squeegee work.  My father-in-law squeegeed like no tomorrow and managed to spread the product out to cover both rooms. I rolled it (the spiked shoes are an absolute must!!!). The roller worked ok but it sure doesn't clean up well. So I went to several paint stores and none of them carried the 3/16" nap roller so I ended up buying a sponge looking roller (3/16" nap for super smooth surfaces). So we mixed up the second batch and this time my pour went much smoother. 60 seconds is more time than you realize. I will say though, pouring a 5" bead is tough with the bucket and perhaps a spout might help? None the less the second round went much smoother and the sponge looking roller worked like a champ. We finished our work and commenced to ridding the world of those excess Pabst Blue Ribbons...they gotta be good, they have a blue ribbon right? The next morning was a shocker though. The basecoat was very thin and looked heinous...we questioned whether we drank the PBRs before or after putting it down. But alas, we started and no turning back now.

                      4. Final Coat

                      So we shop vacced again just to be safe and jumped right into mixing up the final coat. Wish I would have gotten it on video...went down like professionals (at least in our minds). We knocked out the entire basement in no time. We finished putting it down and got back to saving the world again. 24 hours later we came down and WOW! Absolutely fantastic! Shortly after, it was show time...the boss came down and she was speechless! She jumped around super excited and said she loved it! Success!

                      {gallery}The Deanes Final Coat Photo Gallery{/gallery}



                      Buy a couple of cheap 5 gallon buckets and a bunch of liners from Lowe's, the lip on the bottom makes pouring much easier. Don't bother trying to clean anything except for the squeegee and metal mixing wand, buy extras and toss them when you're done. If you have an assistant, buy them a set of spiked shoes as well. Don't put your radio in the back room and forget about it or you'll listen to Mariah Carey all night.



                      1. Asteroids: I have a few spots where something fell onto the floor. I think it's drywall mud where the roller brushed up against the wall and knocked some loose. They're a part of the floor now. You can use a razor blade to cut them flush with the floor.
                      2. Cleaning: EpoxyMaster has a great Standard Care & Maintanence Guide located here.
                      3. Scratches: Be sure not not drag metal accross your newly epoxied floor. Always use wheels and put pads under chair legs and tables. This will reduce any unwanted scratches.
                      Again, thanks so much for all of the help and we absolutely love the floor! We're definitely doing the garage this spring. By the way, the building inspector came by for the final inspection and he loves the floor!

                      Chris Deanes

                      70% Bronze 30% Caffé mix over a Beige Basecoat


                      The Deane's Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

                      {gallery}The Deanes Epoxy Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                        Piotr Januszewski's Finished Garage Floor Piotr Januszewski's Finished Garage Floor
                        Just wanted to drop you guys at EpoxyMaster a message and let you know how satisfied I am with your overall service and product.

                        The quality of service I received was far better than I could have imagined, from placing my order early so I got it on time, to making sure I got it on the day that was discussed. The garage floor turned out great. I will definitely do business with you guys again as a friend of mine and also my mother-in-law now both want the same product in their garages after winter.

                        Piotr Januszewski - Battleship Gray Color


                        Piotr Januszewski's Finished Garage Floor Photo Gallery

                        {gallery}Piotr Januszewski Finished Garage Floor Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                 (Piotr Januszewski) Customer Testimonials Mon, 27 Oct 2014 11:41:00 -0400
                          Finished Epoxy Garage Floor! Finished Epoxy Garage Floor!
                          We bought the 3-Gallon Epoxy Kit - Dark Gray , EPOXYARMOR High Gloss Clear Top Coat and Decorative Fleck. It is amazing! I have only had it for two months so far, but have had countless compliments! You can just tell it is quality. I have a new build, so preparation was easy but still important.

                          I acid etched it, waited a day, and then the wife and I tackled the epoxy for a 2.5 car garage. I recommend 2 people since 30 minutes goes fast! She did the trim work and I poured a small stream to make rows throughout the garage and it was a perfect amount! Use a squeegee! It takes a day to dry. We then coated it with the EPOXYARMOR High Gloss Clear Top Coat. My only regret is not adding the non-slip to make it less slippery, but it looks like a showroom floor and so easy to clean! I couldn't be happier. Now, I would love to stain the back patio with some of their other products!

                          Frank DeSantis

                          Dark Gray color with EPOXYARMOR High Performance Clear Top Coat


                          Frank DeSantis Epoxy Project Photo Gallery

                          {gallery}Frank DeSantis Epoxy Project Photo Gallery{/gallery}

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                   (Frank DeSantis) Customer Testimonials Sat, 26 Apr 2014 08:55:00 -0400